We offer a variety of fitness, conditioning, and wellness services for adults and teens 14 and up. Please don't hesitate to contact us if your unsure if the services listed below will work for you. We may be able to develop a personalized plan according to your specific needs.

Prices and duration listed below reflect average sessions. Actual duration time and cost of session depends on the individual needs of the person at the time of service.

man running in aquatic treadmill

Post Physical Therapy Training

For patients who have completed physical therapy and are ready to start conditioning their muscles to accept low level stress and get back to an active lifestyle.

$45 per 45 min session
man stretching

Athletic Stretching

Stretching is a crucial component of engaging in physical activities. Increase your range of motion, flexibility and promote bloodflow for healing benefits.

$45 per 45 min session
senior couple lifting weights

Senior Fitness & Conditioning

Regular exercise helps seniors prevent health problems and stay independent. We can develop a personalized plan that helps you start toning muscles and increase your stamina.

$45 per 45 min session
senior couple sitting on balance balls with arms stretched out

Senior Posture, Balance and  Gait Training

Specialized training program that specifically targets improving overall stability and balance.

$45 per 45 min session
senior couple stretching

Senior Flexibility Training

Mild self-stretching of muscles to improve blood flow, decrease pain and help prevent injuries.

$45 per 45 min session
woman on hydromassage bed with ocean waves in background

Hydro Massage

Our hydro massage bed offers a convenient,  full body massage experience without having to undress. Clients can choose sessions between 15min and 1 hr.