Our Plans

We have several expansions planned for our current location as we move toward creating a full-scale aquatic center in Woodsville. We are actively working toward fund-raising for these expansions and appreciate any and all donations. Please contact us for investment opportunities.

Aquatic treadmill

The new addition to our building is nearly complete for our freestanding, underwater treadmill. This addition will also include a new wheelchair accessible restroom and shower amenities.

Check out our slideshow of the progress.

man running in aquatic treadmill

hydro therapy pool

Our next addition will house an endless pool. The pool will be utilized for healing and conditioning from injuries, post-surgery, and for athletes that are in training for events in swimming, running and other competitive sports.

aquatic therapy pool

Hydro & Aquatic Center

Our ultimate goal is to build a large scale fitness and wellness aquatic facility. Some of our plans include: hydro and aquatic therapy with licensed therapists, a lap pool for schools and athletes, full service fitness center, wellness and educational classes, cafe, shuttle service and more.

concept drawing of future hydro aquatic center