Person-centered training,
conditioning, and wellness

Heal Faster

Get Stronger

Feel Better

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Improve Your
Quality of Life

At Hydro Aquatic Therapy Studio we use hydro and aquatic therapies, and body conditioning exercises to help you get back to feeling healthy and reach your peak physical performance. We develop personalized health and fitness plans that put your welfare first and are attuned to your needs. Call us today to make an appointment.

Free 15-min
Hydro Massage

Come in to discuss your health & wellness needs and receive a free 15-min hydro massage

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Reduce Pain
Increase Mobility
Shorten Recovery

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Improve Flexibility
Increase Strength
More Stamina

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Promote Relaxation
Reduce Anxiety
Ease Depression


Get Back to Feeling 100%

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Post Injury & Surgery

While HATS is not a physical therapy center, we can help you recover from injuries and surgical procedures in coordination with your physician or surgeon. We use techniques such as isometric & polymetric exercises, progressive resistance, agility training and more.

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Fitness & Conditioning

We provide one-on-one personalized physical training and conditioning for anyone age 14 and up. From senior specific concerns like stability and balance to younger athletes that need to improve sports-specific strength, we can develop a fitness plan specifically with you in mind.

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Hydro Massage

Our hydro massage bed offers a convenient,  full body massage experience without having to undress - and no you don't get wet. Just lay on the bed in private and let the warm, wave-like massage motion of the hydro jets relax and soothe your body and mind.

Give the Gift of Relaxation

Hydro-Massage Packages
starting at $30